green zebra

about us & our green story

green zebra is a healthy new restaurant now open in the whitney center on rowan boulevard in glassboro, new jersey. homegrown food from homegrown owners corey meeks and jen gardner.

our address is:
328 rowan blvd
glassboro nj 08028

(856) 226-3850

there is a well-lit parking lot behind the whitney center.  a short walk through the breezeway in the middle of the whitney center brings you to the front of the building and our front door.

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we have a mission at green zebra of doing everything that we are capable of to make our restaurant as "green" as we can.  in this page, we will show you some of the steps we are taking to make a difference to our planet...our future!

these are emeco 111 navy chairs.  they are made from recycled coca-cola bottles.  the bottom of each chair says this... "the 111 navy chair: when you recycle a plastic bottle, you're doing something good.  when you recycle 111 of them, you're doing something great! help your bottle become something extraordinary again!"

our countertops are made by a company called vetrazzo. you can visit their website at  the top is made from recycled glass.  we chose greens and browns to match our decor, but the tops come in many other colors too!

"harbor pine," reclaimed from baltimore harbor.  after spending its first life as pier pilings, it has been cut down and will now spend its second life at green zebra!  notice all the pinks and greens in the grain of the wood?  that color is left behind by the salt water that soaked its way deep into the wood.

cork floor tile, made from re-purposed wine corks.  this stuff is really going to look awesome!

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